High Impact and Intense thriller!
Author’s Media Kit
First time author Dwayne Murray, Sr., was compelled to write an urban novel that magnified the strength of a woman living in the mean streets of New York City. In his book, The Mouse that Roared, Miss Sandra Lyte is the mirror image of beauty, intelligence, intensity, vitality, and wit. Sandra Lyte’s personal attributes laid dormant deep within her, but when the time is right, she digs deep in her soul to muster up the nerve to stand up for herself.
Sandra’s beginnings in New York City were very turbulent. She ran away from home thinking she was “grown” but quickly recognized how naïve and immature she really was.
Just like fairy tales, a “prince” or a “knight in shining armor” comes along and promises love and happiness. He offers the “American Dream” on a silver platter all neatly packaged with a home, children, and a puppy and let’s not forget the ever alluding “white picket fence.” “WAKE UP!” it’s just a dream because slowly but surely the dynamics of this urban “Romeo & Juliet” love affairs takes on a life of umbrageous affairs involving drugs, gangsters, top officials and police officers involved in the shadiness of the underground. Sandra’s “Romeo” is a self-made ghetto entrepreneur who holds powerful trump cards in his back pocket. Sandra’s life quickly snowballs into an ever ending battle of life vs. death.
The Mouse that Roared is filled with action-packed twists and turns, the reader will eagerly anticipate turning to the next page. The reader will ride the emotional rollercoaster of cheering, cursing, praying, crying, and hoping the characters gets what’s coming to them. The Mouse that Roared is an urban “fictional” novel however, author Dwayne Murray, Sr. writes about real life situations that takes place on the streets of New York City and he is sure on some levels are reminiscent of the readers’ experiences. Get ready for an excellent read!
THE BOOK: The Mouse that Roared is a gut-wrenching fast paced thriller that will focus on the journey of a woman, the referent power of family bonds, and what is meant by true friendships. Circumstances and bad fortune will exalt the most innocent, intellectual, mild-mannered woman’s true strength when she is forced into a corner.
Readers who are captivated by novels filled with twists and turns, elements of surprise, battles, and survival of the fittest that challenges one’s wit will enjoy The Mouse that Roared. The author wants to depict in the minds of readers that the most unmasculine human being will defend themselves if threatened. The Mouse that Roared is an excellent book for all readers, but it will enthrall the minds of women who may identify similarities around falling in love, wanting the American Dream, and sometimes having to face disappointment and despair. The author believes society often wishes for the underdog to prevail.
The Mouse that Roared will deliver satisfaction and entertainment to its readers. The author is in sync with the premise of other urban-based novels. Readers who previously purchased other titles like Harlem Girl Lost by Treasure E. Blue, Betrayal of a Hustler by B.L.U.N.T., Drug Dealer by Isadore Johnson, and FATOU: An African Girl in Harlem by SIDI will appreciate this story about The Mouse that Roared.