February 26th, 2006, Sisters Uptown Book Store from 5 – 7PM
Sisters Uptown Book Store located at 1942 Amsterdam Avenue (156th Street) New York, NY 10032 (212)862-3680. Ms. Kori Wilson has so graciously penciled me for a book signing 2/26/2006 between the hours of 5-7PM. Please come join me and pick up your book The Mouse That Roared. Check out my guest book and see why you to will enjoy my book. Hope to see you all there!
February 7, 2006 – Radio Interview
On February 7, 2006 at 6:00 PM EST, I will be interviewed by author and radio personality Delores Thornton on “Around 2 It Radio Talk Show” – WTLC 1310 AM located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ms. Delores Thornton who is associated with the Marguerite Press, also a well established author and radio host personality, is hosting a radio/telephone interview with me, Dwayne Murray Sr., author and self-publisher of the new title The Mouse That Roared. Hopefully, and in the near future, the radio interview will be available here on the Madbo site for all the listeners out there. Ms. Thornton is a columnist of the Indiana Herald Newspaper and hosts two radio shows: “Around 2 It” and “Book Nook”, that features up and coming new authors by giving them the opportunity to talk about their novels. Ms. Thornton will ask various questions about myself and my new title The Mouse That Roared. I am really excited about this venture and appreciate Ms. Thornton giving a new writer like myself a chance to express himself on the air waves. Thank you Mr. Thornton!
January 13, 2006 @ Barnes & Noble in Bay Plaza Shopping Mall
Please come and join me, Dwayne Murray, Sr., at Barnes & Nobles in the Bay Plaza Shopping Mall in CO-OP City January 13, 2006 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. I’ll be there to answer questions and autograph books. Really looking forward to meeting readers who enjoy fiction novels filled with action suspense. If you already purchased the book and want it signed, come down and I’ll gladly ablige. Looking forward to see you all. ***Update! I was concerned about the Friday the 13th syndrome along with the spectacular fog that swept over Co-op City the night of this book signing, but none of that stuff kept people from Barnes & Noble. The book signing was a SUCCESS! I met a lot of people who chatted with me about my book and other books they read. My main goal is to get my novel in as many hands I can and I reached that goal. For all the determined book readers who came out and supported me, I thank you. Enjoy the book!
December 30, 2005
I have yet to confirm location for this upcoming book signing, but it will be with a book vendor in either the Bronx of in Harlem. Will keep you updated as long as the weather permits. **Update – The weather didn’t allow for a signing with a book vendor.
December 16, 2005 @ 125th & Adam Clayton Powell
Hosted 3rd book signing with a book vendor. Man Harlem was hot even though it was 30 degrees outside. Many people stop at the table and talked to me for a while. I met other authors like myself and supported them by purchasing their books. The feel in Harlem was great. I’ll post future book signings as they are schedule. All I can say is, “Harlem is Alive!”
December 9, 2005 @ 149th Street & Third Avenue
Hosted another book signing with a local book vendor. Discovered new readers and chatted with folks getting ready for the holidays. Book signing was a success!
December 2, 2005 @ 149th Street and Third Ave
Hosted a book signing with a local book vendor. The outcome was successful. Signed and discussed The Mouse that Roared with neighborhood folks.