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Message from the Author!
Dwayne Murray’s suspense novel The Mouse that Roared encompasses many social and family issues that people are faced with every day of their lives. Most of us either lived through or know someone who are living through issues relating to parent/child dysfunctional relationships, alcohol and drug addiction, physical and emotional abuse, child sexual abuse, child exploitation, and issues of loss and bereavement. People learn to live with these tragedies as they maybe afraid or not know how to seek help. The Mouse that Roared is a novel of fiction and the characters are all part of the author’s imagination. Nonetheless, if readers finds themselves or know of others engulfed by issues addressed in this book, there’s help out there.
Improving the Parent/Child Relationship
Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Physical & Emotional Abuse
Child Abuse
Child Pornography and Exploitation
Loss and Bereavement