Check out some of Dwayne’s favorite sites. There’s a wealth of information here waiting for visitors to check out. Follow the links and visit some of my favorite places on the world wide web.
Internet Sites

  • Need a specific battery?
  • Need a online dictionary?
  • NYC schools questions?
  • Need info about NYC?
  • Is this business legit?
  • MTA…Going you way!
  • Looking for a hospital gig?
  • Bronx Locator!
  • Smell good for him/her!
  • A better savings return?
  • Buying a new or used car?
  • New car buying tips!
  • Want to get into shape?
  • Need a gym for women?
  • Rather work-out at home?
  • Looking for work?
  • Resume help!
  • Looking for work & more?
  • Questions? Ask Jeeves!
  • The New York Times Online
  • The Daily News
  • The New York Post
  • News Day
  • Want to catch a Movie?
More Internet Sites

  • N.Y.C. Guide
  • Verify A Professional License
  • As Seen On T.V. Stuff
  • Need Words To A Song?
  • The D.M.V.
  • African American Portal
  • What’s Today’s Number?
  • Info About Movies & Stars
  • African American History
  • Need A Little Motivation?
  • How Much This Car’s Worth?
  • Free EGreeting Cards
  • Nick Nacks for the Home
  • BULLSEYE Shopping!!!
  • Planning a Party?